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Johnny Manziel Talks to Coach About 'I Can't Wait to Leave' Tweet

Texas A&M Aggies quarterback Johnny Manziel has been a lightning rod for controversy this offseason. Whether it be his public gambling, self-imposed Twitter bans, pictures surfacing with Johnny Football holding a blunt or simply Manziel making comments before thinking, criticism has been thrown his way because of his inability to carry himself like a Heisman Trophy winner.

Sure, the kid is young and young kids do stupid things, but there is a sense of responsibility that comes with the level of success Manziel has had and he has failed miserably at conducting himself as he should.

That said, perhaps Manziel is beginning to turn things around.

Over the weekend, Manziel tweeted out that he “can’t wait to leave College Station“, which he quickly deleted. According to CBS Sports, Manziel has since discussed the comments with his coaches after they reached out to make sure everything was okay.

The coach that spoke with Manziel also wanted to make sure the redshirt sophomore understand the amount of power his words carry.

With the latest Johnny Football fiasco behind us, we can hopefully begin to focus on the upcoming college football season where he can show us if he has improved as a quarterback or if all of the off-field distractions and fame have kept him from bettering himself as a player.

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