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NFL GM Says Johnny Manziel Better Than RGIII, Andrew Luck and More

Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel apparently has a drunk friend in an NFL front office.

According to a report from Mike Freeman, the Heisman trophy winner is said to be better than Robert Griffin III, Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson and more – this according to an unnamed NFL general manager. I stress the unnamed part.

Per Freeman:

One general manager said Manziel, the first freshman to win the Heisman, will be better than the current crop of young athletic quarterbacks. He will rival or be better than Robert Griffin III or Andrew Luck or Russell Wilson. This, to me, sounds patently insane. But this general manager was not alone.

Another said almost the same thing. “He could end up being a more accurate passer than any of those three,” said the GM.

For all the praise given to Manziel, there are plenty of doubters – much like the scout below who thinks the quarterback is destined for Canada:

Yet an NFL scout said he thinks Manziel might have a difficult time staying on an NFL roster. He contends that Manziel isn’t as accurate a passer or as good an athete as any of the young star passers like RG3 or Wilson. That scout believes Manziel “has Canada written all over him.”

Better develop a taste for maple syrup, ah (and yes, dammit, that’s how you say it/stomps feet).

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  • RRyan

    Said scout…would he be the one that is a failed coach that has been fired from 3 different jobs and ended up as a lowly scout? Maybe he doesn’t know his own a$$ from a hole in the wall…..to all I say “just hide and watch…and STHU”