Pink Floyd's 50 Greatest Songs

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Pink Floyd is the greatest progressive rock band of all time, the stick by which all other prog bands are measured. Their influence is seen everywhere, from popular prog rock giants like Dream Theater and Porcupine Tree to more standard radio fare. They are, by design, an album-oriented band, with LPs written to be listened to as a cohesive unit. But, in true evidence of their greatness, songs can be split off from their original place in albums and still stand alone as some of the best tunes of all time.

Now, with the band announcing they’ll put their entire discography on Spotify if “Wish You Were Here” gets one million streams, they’re back in the public spotlight once again. Many a list has been made trying to pinpoint the band’s best songs, but let’s be honest, they all suck. They never go deep enough and they’re too quick to rely on the two or three songs that dominate classic rock radio. These songs are good, and they do appear toward the top of this list, but there’s more to it than that. I’ve taken the 50 best songs from Pink Floyd’s illustrious career to present you, reader, with the last list you’ll ever need.

I’ve done my very best to associate YouTube videos of the studio versions of these songs, but it’s not always possible, because we all know how much fun record companies are when they shake in their little boots about YouTube videos taking money from them. Some of these are live versions, some are random uploads from users that snuck by because they feature Clip Art images and other non-applicable visuals, and unfortunately, some of the songs just aren’t available. If you want to complain, take it up with EMI, the main culprit for the lack of access to some of these songs.

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