When Will NCAA Football 14 Demo Be Available on Xbox Live?

The fine folks at EA Sports had advertised the NCAA Football 14 demo would be available early Tuesday morning on Xbox Live. Well, here we are closing in on noon Eastern Time, and there is still no demo available for download.

This has left gamers asking, “Where the hell is the NCAA 14 demo and why can’t I download it?”

Well, apparently this is an issue on Microsoft’s end.

The servers were to update early on in the morning, but network issues have prevented the update from happening and the demo is still unavailable. You can be sure that EA Sports is putting the pressure on Microsoft to speed up the update so that the eager fans of the game are able to hurry up and get their hands on the game.

This year’s demo features three playable games — Alabama vs. Virginia Tech, Oregon vs. Texas A&M and Ohio State vs. Michigan — for gamers to test out. The games will consist of three-minute quarters, so it will be enough to whet our appetites as we look forward to the official release next month. 

So, be patient and the demo should be on Xbox Live sooner rather than later… we hope. 

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