Abby Wambach Becomes All-Time Leading Scorer in International Soccer

159 goals.

That would be an astronomical total in hockey, but that is the amount of career international soccer goals that USA soccer player Abby Wambach has scored. With three goals in the opening half of a friendly against South Korea (yes, three goals), Wambach surged past Mia Hamm for #1 all-time in this field.

For reference, Wambach has played only 206 games in international competition, so her 159 goals in 206 games accounts for 0.77 goals per game average. That is frankly stunning in soccer, and her excellence is incredible to watch, regardless of your feelings toward the sport in general.

In comparison, the active leader in men’s international goals has 60. Sixty. Before the flood of comments speaking about how it is a different list, etc., this is simply a reference of just how incredible Wambach (and really, the entire USA program) has been. At 33 years old, she’s likely nearing the end of her star career, but I can’t wait to see how far she can take the record before she hangs her cleats up for the final time.

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