Breaking Bad Season 6 Poster Unveiled by AMC (Photo)

The promo poster for the final episodes of Breaking Bad was unveiled last week by AMC, with the tagline “All Bad things must come to an end.” Whether we call the final eight episodes season 6 or simply the final episodes of season 5, there is plenty of excitement leading up to the end of the show.

Of course, while we are anxious for the last eight episodes of the Breaking Bad series, there will be sadness once the show is gone.

Here is the promo poster for the final episodes:

Who would have ever thought that a television show about a meth cooking teacher with cancer and his punk student could have blossomed into such an incredible series? Regardless of whether or not you thought it would be successful, we have reached this point and we are happy to have witnessed the show.

As you prepare for the premier, sound off in the comments section and let us know what your favorite episode of the series was and if you have any predictions about the final episodes of the show. Will Walter White finally meet his end as the show winds down? Let us hear your thoughts.

The final episodes of Breaking Bad will premier Sunday, August 11 on AMC.

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  • sadasd


  • larry benjamin

    I think that Walter should end the series alive and begin a life in politics as a Senator from New Mexico using the money he has made to further ambitions MOST SUCESSFUL Political figures have started their careers with money from other than legal activities.

  • George Australia

    I don’t want Walt to get caught…. I want him to get away with it and Hank know but not say anything

  • David Trice

    I believe Walt will go flippin even crazier than he has in the past. I dont think that Hank will ever catch Walt. Walt is a much better criminal than Hank is a Fed. I hope Walt gets away with it and Hank doesnt ever find out who is cookin that blue meth. What a great show i hate to see it come to an end

  • Butch Wright

    I hope his wife dies a gruesome death and the end isn’t really the end because this show is the best thing that ever happened to me and i have 3 kids and a wife

  • Sharprez

    My Thoughts…. Season 5 started with Walt having his 52nd birthday
    breakfast, and during season 5, he has his 51st birthday. They
    currently have more money than they can spend. Hank is an accessory
    since Walt and Skyler have been paying his medical bills. Can they end
    the series and get to the 52nd birthday in one season?

  • Nicky Snapper Moyley

    kick some ass walt . cook that shit, shoot that bitch and get rich