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Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Clippers Creating New Trade To Appease NBA

While the Los Angeles Clippers and Boston Celtics had all but agreed on a deal that would have sent Kevin Garnett to Los Angeles and DeAndre Jordan to Boston, it appears the two teams will have to re-work a trade to appease the NBA.

The trade, which was awaiting ownership approval last night was reportedly being investigated by the NBA for collusion as one trade (Garnett for Jordan) can have no direct correlation to another deal (draft picks for Doc Rivers).

So now, the two teams have decided to go back to the drawing board to appease the powers that be.

Per Stein:

Source tells ESPN that Celts & Clips have today begun discussing new trade scenarios to try to satisfy league’s misgivings on these deals

Head coach Doc Rivers of course can’t technically be traded, but draft picks are considered a form of compensation – not actual trade pieces. How the two sides plan to work around the issue is unknown but it looks as if the trade which was near completion last evening will need some more work.

The suggestion is that the Celtics could potentially simply release Rivers from his contract and the two draft picks could be included along with Jordan for KG.

As the NBA rumor mill turns…

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