Nov 24, 2012; Clemson, SC, USA; Members of the Clemson University ROTC guard Howard's Rock which was recently vandalized. Mandatory Photo Credit: USA Today Sports

Clemson Released Video of Howard's Rock Vandalism

Since 1966, the Clemson Tigers football team has rubbed the iconic Howard’s Rock for good luck before every home game. Unfortunately for Clemson, two boneheads broke in the Memorial Stadium last week and vandalized the rock, which led to a chunk of the stone being broken off.

Now, after sorting through some footage, police have released two surveillance videos that show two men driving up to the scene in a white truck and then leaving the scene ten minutes later where they cheer on their idiotic accomplishments before driving off into the darkness.

If you want to see the surveillance footage and potential help authorities find a lead in their investigation, here is video of a truck pulling up outside of Memorial Stadium on June 2:

And here is the video just ten minutes later of the two men leave the stadium as they celebrate around their truck before driving off:

For anyone who is able to help crack the case and provide information about the Howard’s Rock vandalism, a $5,000 reward is being offered.

Let’s hope that these men get caught.

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