Instagram Users Can Now Record Video

Social media addicts are now a lot happier than they were a day ago, while the creators of Vine are shaking in their boots and wondering what the fallout will mean for their product. Starting today, an upgrade to the Instagram app will allow users to capture short video clips that they can then share on the app, along with Facebook and Twitter.

“We talk about Instagram as capturing and sharing the world’s moments. It’s not just about photography,” Instagram founder Kevin Systrom said, via ABC News. “There are a ton of moments in the world that can’t be captured in single images.”

For those who love to edit and filter their images, the same options will be available. Instagram announced that there will be 13 filters available for video.

“We put the power of a photography studio in the palm of your hand. We’ve done the same for video. So now you can take beautiful video and basically share it with the world,” Systrom said.

So prepare yourself for an increase in Instagram posts now that video is able to be captured.

“Instagram not only is about lattes, babies, cute dogs,” said Systrom. “It’s also about these moments in the world that let you peer in to understand different cultures, different political situations.”

One thing I will say that benefits Vine is that you have the ability to embed your videos. It will be interesting to see if Instagram allows users to copy an embed code that they can then easily use to share on their website.

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