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Kate Upton Voted Sexiest Woman Alive By MLB Players

Major League Baseball players were asked to vote on a number of topics from best player in baseball to the team you would be most likely to take a pay cut to play for, but the one topic that catches everyone’s eye is something that every man has an opinion on. The question was asked, “Who is the sexiest woman alive” and Kate Upton was the clear favorite among men who gave an answer other then “my wife”.

Among the top vote getters were Beyonce, Jessica Biel, Rihanna and Jessica Alba. It is hard to argue any of those votes. Unfortunately, two percent of the vote went to Taylor Swift, so those guys should be happy that this is an anonymous poll.

Check out the full results:

Who is the hottest woman alive?

My wife (9.2%)
Kate Upton (7.1%)
Beyoncé (3.6%)
Jessica Biel (3.6%)
Rihanna (3.6%)
Jessica Alba (2.9%)
Halle Berry (2.9%)
Kate Beckinsale (2.9%)
Scarlett Johansson (2.9%)
Mila Kunis (2.9%)
Faith Hill (2.2%)
Jennifer Lawrence (2.2%)
Taylor Swift (2.2%)

In the entertaining vote, an unnamed Kansas City outfielder answered the question with, “the next queen of England”.

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