Seth Petruzelli Announces Retirement

Seth Petruzelli had a successful mixed martial arts career that began back in 2000. He fought in a number of the top promotions, but his one signature win came when he derailed the hype train that was Kimbo Slice in Elite XC. It was that win that brought down the Elite XC organization, that was really banking on making money off of Kimbo’s drawing power.

He was never able to top that win, but he did become a fan favorite with his wild walk outs and performances at the weigh-in. It was always fun to watch Petruzelli in action.

However, after suffering his third knockout loss in five fights — the last a brutal KO from King Mo at Bellator 96 — he has decided to hang up his gloves.

Petruzelli announced the decision on his official Facebook page:

”I want to thank my family, friends, fiancé and fans for being by my side these past 13 years plus of my MMA career. Every time I fought it was to please and excite you but most of all make you proud of me. Up until a couple years ago it pleased and excited me as well. That is where I went wrong, for the past couple years I have been fighting for the wrong reasons, I don’t have the desire or drive to fight like I used to and the past couple fights have shown it. So at this point in my life I would like to officially announce my retirement from the sport of MMA.

Competing has been a part of my life since I was 6 years old, now I would like to put more of an effort into seeing my students/fighters do the same and making my gym grow and flourish. MMA has taken me around the world, let me meet the best and worst of people and made me feel like the brightest star but also like a black hole at times. ..and I have no regrets because I did it all my way.”

We’d like to congratulate Petruzelli on his long career, thank him for the memories inside of the cage and wish him the best of luck in the next chapter of his life.

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