World War Z Film Review: What Critics Are Saying

With World War Z out in theaters, it is time for moviegoers to determine whether or not they want to spend the money to go see the new film starring Brad Pitt. If you are wondering if World War Z is worth the money to go see, the easiest way to decide is by reading what the critics are saying about the new release.

So is the movie worth a trip to the theaters to see?

Here is what the film critics are saying:

Chris Sawin of The film has too many noticeable issues; too many cooks in the kitchen without a satisfying recipe for disaster. Semi-decent for what it is, World War Z doesn’t accomplish anything 28 Days Later didn’t 11 years ago for 1/25 of the budget.

Anders Wright of the San Diego Union-Tribune: Many of the action sequences are so chaotic that it’s almost impossible to sort out what’s happening. Additionally, the movie moves so fast that it isn’t able to identify what’s truly at stake.

Jason Buchanan of TV Guide’s Movie Guide: A frantic zombie opus that strips away all the nuance of its innovative source material in favor of sheer cinematic spectacle.

Jeffrey Lyles of Lyles’ Movie Files: Wants to be a little bit of everything – a tense, edge-of-your-seat thriller, a star-powered summer blockbuster and chaotic zombie epic, but ultimately like the film’s antagonists, I didn’t leave out feel very satisfied at all.

Ann Hornaday of the Washington Post: The result is a movie that, while no classic, can be credited with giving the audience something a bit more substantive than the usual disposable summer fare.

Michael Burgin of Paste Magazine: The appropriation of Brooks’ name and source material seems more like an attempt to manufacture buzz and fan base attendance (subsequent disappointment and rage be damned) through the most shallow, cynical means possible.

Matthew Odam of Austin American-Statesman: An uneven thriller that blends sociopolitical commentary with flashy set pieces, tense moments of scientific sleuthing and a touch of heart.

Did you venture out to catch World War Z in theaters or will you be waiting to attend? Sound off in the comments section and share your thoughts.

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