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ASL Interpreter Steals Spotlight at Wu-Tang Clan Concert (Video)

Last weekend’s Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival was full of high profile talent. From Kendrick Lamar to Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers to Paul McCartney to comedian Bob Saget, the lineup was stacked.

Also appearing at the festival were rap icons, the Wu-Tang Clan.

As any fan of Wu knows, seeing a show with the entire Clan lineup is pretty impressive but even with that, the Killa Bees couldn’t upstage “Holly”, who was the ASL interpreter during a few show sets – one of which just happened to be for the Wu.

We don’t know the last name of Miss Holly, but what we do know? She likes to get her boogie on.

Assisting Wu-Tang in their set, the ASL interpreter really should have taken a spot on stage because she was rockin’ harder than any member of the Clan. I’m not even sure the Statan Island boys noticed Holly getting her groove on, but we sure did.

Holly also helped out R. Kelly, which while not as awesome as the Wu set, it was still pretty epic.

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