World War Z: Brad Pitt's 20 Greatest Roles Ever

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With Brad Pitt’s World War Z, a somewhat critically acclaimed dystopian zombie thriller, now out in theaters, here’s a look back at the best movie performances of Mr. Jolie over his 20-plus year career.

20. Early Grayce – Kalifornia

The future A-lister did his best to survive the ill-fated combo of goofy spelling and Juliette Lewis.

19. Paul Maclean – A River Runs Through It

The Robert Redford-helmed period piece proved Pitt was more than a hunk.

18. Heinrich Harrer – Seven Years in Tibet

One of the big early Pitt films. You feel like you should like more than you did.

17. Michael – Sleepers

Great cast. Good legal drama. Brad managed to hold his own with Best Actor winners De Niro and Hoffman.

16. J.D. – Thelma & Louise

Memorable bit role that kicked off a career. Started from the bottom now we here.

15. Louis de Pointe du Lac – Interview with the Vampire

Was he a bit hammy at times? Yes, but Pitt mostly found his groove and made magic with Tom Cruise.

14. Tristan Ludlow – Legends of the Fall

Obligatory for-the-ladies selection. This period piece turned him into the mid-90s version of Gosling.

13. Rusty Ryan – Ocean’s Eleven Trilogy

No heavy lifting whatsoever, but he was certainly an irreplaceable part of this now iconic ensemble.

12. Jackie Cogan – Killing Them Softly

As we saw in Fight Club, Bad Brad is a lot of fun. His take on a heartless hitman was nuanced yet realistic.

11. Richard – Babel

Took top honors at Cannes while it Crash-ed at the Oscars. The Pittster was a big reason why this depressing international tale even contended for such awards.

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