Man Fatally Shoots Robber While Waiting for LeBron James X EXT Shoes

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitituion, a man was fatally shot this morning as he attempted to rob people in line who were waiting for the release of LeBron James’ new shoes.

The sneakers, the Lebron X EXT, were/are to go on sale this morning for a pricey $180 dollars and people had been lining up for hours (in some cases DAYS) to get their hands on the elusive and exclusive kicks.

One such man hoping to take advantage of those waiting in line apparently messed with the wrong individual as when he attempted to hold him up, the victim pulled out a gun at shot the would be robber.

Per the AJC:

The dead man, who also has not been identified, was killed after allegedly trying to rob a group of people waiting in line to buy the new, $180 LeBron James sneakers.

Witnesses told one man in line outside Wish, a clothing and shoe store on Moreland Avenue, pulled out a gun and shot the would-be robber.

The crowd had been warned that for about a week now the said robber had been stalking the area attempting to pickpocket would be shoppers.

No charges were filed as the shooing was deemed self defense.

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