Sept. 16, 2012; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins running back Lamar Miller (26) runs for a touchdown during the fourth quarter against the Oakland Raiders at Sun Life Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Miami Dolphins' Lamar Miller Continues to Improve

The Miami Dolphins running back situation is going to be an interesting one to watch this offseason, but many believe that it will be Lamar Miller who emerges from training camp as the team’s No. 1 guy. Miller has been receiving nothing but praise this offseason and now his quarterback is even jumping in to the mix.

Ryan Tannehill has been very impressed throughout offseason workouts and had praised the second-year running back to the Miami Hearald by saying, “he’s picking up pass protections a lot better. Now that he’s got that, he’s going to be a great player.”

When you are looking to be an every down back, you need to excel in all areas, so the improved pass rushing will go a long way for Miller as he looks to run away with the team’s starting gig.

While teammates and coaches are raving about their running back, future Pro Football Hall of Famer and NFL Network analyst LaDainian Tomlison chimed in, and his praise was even better. What did Tomlinson say about Miller? That he could be a bigger, more explosive version of former first-round rusher Reggie Bush.

The Dolphins can only hope.

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  • DaveBry

    Our Lamarr of Steelers is better than the Dolphins Lamar. Granted they play different positions, but at least you don’t have to make up stories about which offseason trainer your Lamar should use.

    • Jason Klenetsky

      Go write something on the Fools Gold…. I mean Steelers page. You sound like an idiot talking about something you obviously know nothing about.

    • Pygskyn

      Wow… are you Steeler fans still so butthurt about Wallace that you have to come in here and trashtalk on articles that have nothing to do with your team or their ex-players? This makes me almost as happy as I will be when the Phins steamroll your geriatric (by that I mean old, Sorry, I should limit myself to small words) team later this season.

    • Keith Brodeur

      Wow dude, you should be totally embarrassed posting a comment like that. That’s almost as dumb as saying our QB’s wife is a lot hotter than all the girls your QB has raped. But, thanks for the good chuckle though.

    • Richard

      HAHAHAHA! This man compares a RB to a DE/LB. What kind of crap is that. Thats like comparing a Dodge Ram to a friggin yacht LOL. 12/08/2013

  • Don Devine

    Thats high praise coming from Tannehill. Even “LT” is heaping the praise on him. I think this year is going to be a very good year for my Fins! GEAUX FINS!!!!

  • matthew

    Hey DaveBry, We’ll see who’s Lamar is better at the end of the season buddy!!!

  • matthew

    Steelers big Ben is old news and your team is in a tail spin spiral DaveBry…… Wallace said it best “(Tannehill has a little bit more zip on his passes than big Ben)”……… Don’t choke and don’t be surprised when Tannehill turns out to be the better QB!!!!!!!!