Jun 24, 2013; Boston, MA, USA; Chicago Blackhawks center Andrew Shaw (65) skates back to the bench after being hit by a puck during the first period in game six of the 2013 Stanley Cup Final against the Boston Bruins at TD Garden. Mandatory Credit: Michael Ivins-USA TODAY Sports

Andrew Shaw Takes Puck to the Face in Game 6 Against Bruins (GIF)

The Chicago Blackhawks and Boston Bruins are locked in a physical series at the moment to see who will take home the coveted Lord Stanley’s Cup. So far it’s leaning in Chicago’s favor but the Bruins are playing on home ice and are not at all interested in allowing the Blackhawks to hoist the Cup while inside their building.

While the series has had it’s fair share of bone crunching hits and teeth rattling checks, Andrew Shaw experienced a different kind of pain in the first period when he took  puck to the face while skating into his own zone.

We’ve seen this far too many times this year with massive stars like Sidney Crosby and Marc Staal missing significant time due to taking pucks to the face. Crosby was actually struck twice this season and Staal’s injury was directly to his eye which caused him to miss all but one game of the New York Rangers ill-fated trip to the postseason.

Shaw went down right away and the power of the hit in combination with the distance it took from stick to face made everyone cringe and Shaw was lying still on the ice for a few moments afterwords. Remarkably he got off the ice but his return to the game might be doubtful.

This is the Stanley Cup though and it’s likely that not even a puck to the face at point blank range may be enough to keep Shaw out of this one.

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