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Stanley Cup Champions 2013: Chicago Cubs Light up Wrigley Field for Chicago Blackhawks (Photo)

The Chicago Blackhawks were the best team in hockey all season long and that’s where they ended up. After seeing the Stanley Cup go to six official games (seven if you count the triple overtime thriller in Game 1), the Blackhawks are once again kings of hockey an the champions of the world. Fans stormed the streets to celebrate the win, pouring out of bars to share the moment of hockey ecstasy with their fellow Chicagoan and that feeling of celebration spilled over to the other Chicago sports teams.

Wrigley Field lit up it’s classic and iconic stadium board congratulating the Blackhawks on their win. They also got a shout out from the Chicago Bulls, who they themselves had a chance to relish in the glory of being champions this season but fell short against the eventual champion Miami Heat.


But the Blackhawks have helped heal wounds left by poor seasons from the Bears and Bulls with their second Stanley Cup in four years. It won’t be something fans in Chicago will forget easily as there are few cities in North America that love their hockey team like fans in Chicago love the Blackhawks.

And tonight, they have very good reason to be head over heels for their team.


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