March 10, 2013; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Detroit Pistons point guard Jose Calderon (8) moves the ball up court against the Los Angeles Clippers during the first half at Staples Center. Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit Pistons Jose Calderon Says Money Not Only Free Agent Factor

To say Jose Calderon has done pretty well for himself in the NBA would be an understatement.

The Detroit Pistons point guard is set to enter free agency this Summer, this after signing a 5 year, $45 million dollar contract with is former team, the Toronto Raptors. Calderon, who made over $11 million dollars this past year is excited to test free agency but told that he will consider all aspects of a said contract offer.

Per Keith Langlois:

Jose Calderon tells  $ won’t be only FA factor: “I will consider every aspect in order to make a decision.”

I’m guessing in addition to money, Calderon will want to consider playing time and overall team ability before making his choice. The Spaniard point was less than thrilled splitting time in Toronto and I’m pretty sure, assuming he’ll have his pick of suitors, he’ll want to find a spot where he doesn’t have a ton of competition for minutes……in addition to getting paid well.

With a limited market for point guards, Calderon shouldn’t find much issue in doing so.

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  • Keith Lucky Lucciano Gastone

    If Calderon has any comp what-so-ever he is going to lose. He is a true one-trick-pony. All he does is pass and hits the occasional open 3. Plays no defense at all and he’s on the decline of his career. Honestly i see this trade as the trade that really destroyed Detroit. There is no way Knight should have been playing SG. On top of that Detroit needed a scoring wing. Why did Toronto have to be involved? Detroit should have made the deal for Rudy Gay. Detroit is trying to spend money on a SF this off-season anyway. Back to Calderon tho. The only team that really will pay him is Dallas. They were a train wreck at PG last year. But even Dallas a has other options. Lets be honest; Chris Paul is staying in LA. Now their best bet is to ride the draft and hope Detroit passes on MCW and he falls to them. Calderon’s best bet is to be a back-up or go back to Spain.