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Jun 20, 2013; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Heat small forward LeBron James holds the MVP trophy and the Larry O

LeBron James Wedding, Staying Out Of His Fiancée's Way

LeBron James is slated to finally tie the know with his high school sweetheart and mother of his children, Savannah Brinson, this summer. He proposed right after midnight on January 1st, 2012.

But the proposal is about where LeBron James participation in the planning ended.

“I’m involved enough to where everything’s going to go right,” LeBron James said, via the Mercury News. “The most important person is Savannah. She’s happy, then I’m happy. That’s all that matters. I don’t really care about nothing else. I don’t really care about nobody else there on that day besides her.”

Sounds like LeBron James has this figured out already.

Happy wife, happy life.

And now that the season is over he can focus on the wedding. James joked that had they lost the NBA Finals he might have had to cancel the wedding.

“I got a wedding coming up with my beautiful fiancee,” James said after the game. “It will be an unbelievable wedding now that we’ve won instead of losing. I might have called it off if we had lost. So now it’s going to be one of the best weddings ever.”

The wedding is set to take place the weekend of September 13-15th.

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