Jan 16, 2013; Sacramento, CA, USA; Sacramento Kings point guard Jimmer Fredette (7) drives in against Washington Wizards point guard A.J. Price (12) during the third quarter at Sleep Train Arena. The Sacramento Kings defeated the Washington Wizards 95-94. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Report: Jimmer Fredette Will be Traded If Sacramento Kings Offered a First Round Draft Pick

Yesterday, ESPN scribe Marc Stein hinted that the Sacramento Kings were having discussions with both the Utah Jazz and Indiana Pacers. The Kings have been attempting to secure themselves another first round pick in tomorrow’s NBA Draft and both the Jazz and Pacers have been open to moving their pick. In exchange, the Kings were offering up sharpshooter Jimmer Fredette as bait but the Sacramento Bee’s Jason Jones said that while teams had called on Fredette, the Kings weren’t actively trying to move him.

Twenty four hours later and just a day from the draft, that may have changed.

Fellow ESPN writer Chad Ford says that while the Kings may say they’re not trying to trade Jimmer, if they’re offered a first round pick, they’re pulling the trigger:

I know the Kings are saying Jimmer isn’t on the block. Every GM, when they sign the contract, has to sign an oath that says I will deny ever putting a player on the block. It’s in there. No GM in history has ever shopped anyone. Oh, but the Kings are getting calls. If they can move him for a first round pick, they’re doing it.

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  • Grant Oxenrider

    Jazz would be wise to use #21 on him. Jimmie is wayyyy underrated as an nba player. He didn’t get a fair shake in sac and he will be a 20pt a game guy. He is actually not as horrible on d as made out to be. I’d even give 14 for him he is solid and has amazing court vision. C’mon jazz grab him

    • Grant Oxenrider

      I watched a lot f games that jimmer got the kings back into games in a matter of
      Minutes then benched for 2 games. I seen him out defend the other guards on the team. Make amazing passes and got overlooked multiple times by his teammates when he was wide open. Kings always played better with hummer I the floor stars speak for themselves. Anyone that doubts hummer has not watched a single kings game. A guy cannot be consistent when he gets red hot the. Benched for 2 games then get 3 mins the. Nothing. Hummer proved hi
      Self more than capable of playing nba ball everyone I watched him play. Doubters go look at some

      • Grant Oxenrider

        Dang auto correct on my phone sorry bout typos