Jun 26, 2013; Playa Vista, CA, USA; Los Angeles Clippers head coach Doc Rivers talks to the media during a press conference at the Clippers Training Center. Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Bill Simmons, Doc Rivers Have Awkward Exchange During NBA Draft (Video)

Well, that was awkward. During the broadcast of the 2013 NBA Draft when the ESPN crew learned that the Boston Celtics had traded away their best players Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce to the Brooklyn Nets for a terrible contract and a few weak picks, analyst Bill Simmons was extremely critical of the move. Simmons also criticized former Boston Celtics head coach Doc Rivers for being untruthful about the events led to him leaving for Los Angeles and he said Rivers quit on the team.

When Rivers was later being interviewed by ESPN, he was asked about Simmons’ comments and he had less than flattering things to say.

“I’d like to call him an idiot but I’m too classy for that,” Rivers said.

There was then an awkward pause before Simmons responded by continuing to call out Rivers for the inconsistencies in his story.

It was a really odd and uncomfortable moment for viewers and everyone on the set, but that is what you should expect from an openly overemotional fan when his favorite team makes a questionable move.

If you missed the exchange during the draft broadcast, you can catch the video below:

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  • jack.beantown

    It is disappointing that Bill Simmons turns a blind eye to
    the obviously complicated and fluid nature of what went down in Boston. For Bill to accuse Doc of quitting on the Celts
    is ridiculous and offense – to Doc, to the team that knew him, loved him and worked
    their tails off for him, and to anyone who watched Doc for the last nine years. Im a
    homer just like Simmons. I too cant believe Allen left last year..etc…I
    too am disappointed that Ubuntu and Celtics pride don’t have a permanent
    physical consistency in the universe with a set cast of characters.

    But we must understand that there was at least equal push
    from ownership and Ainge to move Doc’s 7mln contract and bring costs down a bit
    over the next three years…

    Moreover, Doc has every right in the world to take some time
    off after nine years….the man has poured his heart and soul into that team and
    lost his voice and good health on many occasions. Doc is right, Simmons is acting like an
    idiot (Bill – we know youre not an idiot, and we all enjoyed your wonderful book
    and grantland on an ongoing basis.) If Danny, ever the opportunist (and private
    equity guys in the ownership – Bill, have you ever heard of an “opportunity
    fund”?), saw an opportunity to get a first round draft pick and lower costs via
    Doc’s indecision, don’t blame Doc. And don’t blame Doc for being of two minds internally and having the grace to speak from his heart after the events played out.
    We have all watched enough Doc postgames to know Doc is pure.

    This is one occasion where Simmons would have been served
    well by exhibiting a little reservation and pause and letting people who have
    first-hand knowledge of the situation express their much more meaningful
    opinions. (see Grousbeck and Ainge
    recent interviews)

    From Boston, I wish Doc all the success in the world with
    the Clippers. I will be rooting for the Clippers
    (and now the Nets J…..ubuntu! For
    What Doc and KG did for impassioned, committed basketball we are all thoroughly

    • Neo Smith

      Ainge and the Celtics had already decided (correctly so!) that the Celtics were not going to win anything as the team was (then) constituted. They saw that the LONG road the Celtics took back to relevancy after the Bird-Parrish-McHale era and didn’t want that to happen again. So they blew the team up. It was beneficial to both Doc AND the Celtics that they come to some agreement so that Doc could move on. Doc could retire and go into broadcasting, whereby the Celtics get NO COMPENSATION. But instead, Doc gets to coach, the Celtics don’t have to pay Doc’s $7M salary, and the Celtics get a #1 draft pick. It’s a win-win situation for everyone. Simmons is a complete idiot by suggesting that this was all of Doc’s doing. Simmons looks worst and worst by trying to sell his angle to people who aren’t going to buy it.

    • miketuck

      Jack; I love the C’s like you do. But Doc Rivers was a case of some old vets agreeing to come together with their financial wieght on the back end. Posey,Davis,Rondo,PJ Brown, House, and the rest of that bench won the title for the Celtics. When they went for more money it left Rivers with some coaching to do with the youth. He doesn’t believe in rookies and didn’t play them, which is the only way to learn is by making mistakes. One mistake he pulled them out and didn’t even teach them why. Rivers is not a coach, Garrnett, Pierce, and Allen helped those other vets fit and won that championship.
      And Pierce and Garnett aren’t the best players on that team anymore. We all love are vets, and it’s nice when they step down gracefully. But AGE caught up with them. The legs were gone, and it was time to move on. Those 3 first rounders that Ainge got are really big for the Celtics. They have the base for a really good team. Olynyk will excell, you can count on it. But more, they need a coach that is willing to play 12 deep so that they have players to drop back to on bad days. Rivers was 7 deep and it killed them.

  • Neo Smith

    Simmons is a jackass. Idiot is a kind word. Did he LISTEN in on the conversations when Doc was talking to Danny Ainge or the Celtics’ owners? Is he omniscient so he knows what Doc was thinking? Is he privy to any private sources that he isn’t disclosing? Wow. Sometimes the Press, i.e. Simmons, become so full of themselves that their angle becomes a caricature of idiocy (see also Skip ClueLess).

  • miketuck

    Simmon’s is right but Rivers never was the coach that he portrayed himself to be. Teams aren’t dropped into youre lap in this league, you have to have vision and teach the younger players how to use the skillset they have to their advantage. Rivers wanted their skillset to mirror what he had in mind. That doesn’t work well. Rivers got his so-called great name by getting the C’s to buy him a team for one season, when the money was gone and youngsters came in he couldn’t coach them. Rivers won’t win another championship in his career.