Daniel Dhers Wins X-Games Gold in Munich

Daniel Dhers, 28, won the gold medal in the BMX Park at the edition of the Summer X-Games currently being held in Munich, Germany. The Venezuelan rider just barely edged-out American Scotty Cranmer, who finished with a combined two-run score of 82 points, only two points behind the winning total for Dhers. The win earned Dhers his fifth gold medal in BMX Park; his first four victories came during an incredible run from 2007-2011, a time when he dominated X-Games Los Angeles and its more “traditional” course style. The win was huge for him because he has traditionally struggled in tighter and more bowl-heavy courses similar to the one in Munich.

For those unfamiliar, the BMX Park event is an eighteen-minute continuous session where each rider is allowed four short runs. The top two scores are added together for the final total.

Dhers needed to reach deep into his bag of tricks to secure the victory, as five of his competitors posted scores in the 40-point range. During the first of his four runs he landed an incredibly difficult corked no-handed 720, the video highlight of which can be seen here.

Exhausted yet ecstatic after the close victory, Dhers told ESPN that he needed to give everything he had to secure the win, complementing competitors Cranmer and bronze-medal winner Daniel Sandoval.


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