Feb 24, 2013; Dallas, TX, USA; Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard (12) gets the ball in the post against the Dallas Mavericks center Chris Kaman (35) at the American Airlines Center. The Lakers beat the Mavs 103-99. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Report: Dwight Howard ‘Really Likes’ Dallas Mavericks

There is a growing belief that Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard is very unlikely to return to L.A. once he officially becomes a free agent on July 1. Once Howard is on the open market, Howard is expected to choose between the Houston Rockets and Dallas Mavericks, with the hometown Atlanta Hawks being a dark horse.

According to the latest reports, the Mavericks may be the front-runners to land Dwight.

I’m told that (Howard) really likes the Mavericks,” ESPN’s Chris Broussard said, via the Dallas Morning News. “I think it’s neck and neck between the Mavericks and the Rockets. What he likes about Dallas is that it would be his franchise.”

Both Houston and Dallas are intriguing options for Howard, but Dallas would give him the opportunity to make the franchise his.

In Houston, Howard would have to deal with another high-tempo offense and a player in James Harden that loves to control the ball a la Kobe Bryant. The fact that the Rockets run the high pace offense could be enough to make Howard shy away, as he looks for a situation that will best fit his skill set.

Howard will reportedly make his decision on July 10, which is the first day he can sign with a new team, so stay tuned as we keep an eye on the latest rumors in the Dwight Howard saga.

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  • Alireza

    Dwight is the best big man in the league.id like 2 see him in Dallas

  • Jah

    As a Rockets fans, I think Chris Broussard is in the pockets of Cuban. Chris Broussard is the ONLY source putting Dallas ahead of Houston while all others clearly see that the Rockets is an obvious destination spot for Howard.

    This silliness that we run an uptempo offense and Harden being “a la Kobe” sounds like a hit job where Broussard took Howard’s comment and twisted it to paint a negative image of the Rockets’ chance to land Howard.

    Remember, Broussard is the ONLY one with his views. The only one. Howard is already on record putting Houston first and finding them “intrigued”……remember? He also mentioned Dallas then, but didn’t say all the stuff Broussard is crediting to Howard. Broussard is expressing his own “opinions” based off a passing comment Howard may have said.

    With that said, Howard is definitely competent to understand we ran an uptempo because it fitted our personnel. If we making him a max offer and our highest paid player, why would we play an offense not suitable to his strength???

    The Rockets is KNOWN destination spot for Big Men:

    Moses Malone
    Yao Ming
    Dekimbe Motumbo
    Ralph Sampson

    ….and Dwight Howard WILL be our next Big Man. Rockets tradition IS Big Man’s history. Our fans are used to this tradition and rivals that of the Lakers’ Big Men.

    • Christopher Walton

      D12 don’t want to be apart of a history. He wants to make history. He said back in Orlando he don’t want to go somewhere where he will be in a shadow. So being a team with a history of grate big men is bad for landing d12 cuz that’s just more people he will be compared to. Dallas, he will be the guy the best center the mavs have ever had. And that’s What he wants to be the best center ever in the franchise hands down.

  • Jarrod Brown

    @Jah,I agree. Chris Broussard’s the only journalist that’s saying D12 is likely to choose the Mavs over the Rockets. It makes you wonder about his competence level. If D12 wants to be aligned with a “selfless” superstar in Harden,win now,carve out his on legacy,be tutored by a legendary big man who happens to be his head coach,learn the “Dreamshake” from the legendary Hakeem “The Dream” Olajuwon, have a helluva GM who’s a futuristic “numbers guy”,have a competent owner who’s not full of ARROGANCE and STUPIDITY and play in the 4th largest city in America,then it’s H-Town,Hands Down! Can the Mavs offer any of that? Ijs