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Shaq Bet Alvin Gentry A Lamborghini

Once upon a time, in a magical land called Phoenix, a big man by the name Shaquille O’Neal made a bet with his then head coach Alvin Gentry. Apparently Gentry, then head coach of the Phoenix Suns, was offered a red Lamborghini if he could make a single dunk.

Shaq gave the coach, then in his 50′s, some stipulations: no warm-ups, no practices and one chance.

“Now, obviously I’m processing all of this,” Gentry told ESPN’s Henry Abbott. ” I think, man, I used to be a good jumper. And I realize I’m in the mid 50s now. But I used to dunk anyway, surely to goodness I can get one over the rim and dunk it. I mean, for a Lamborghini.”

Abbott asked if he was in the right gear for the attempt.

“I’m in coaches gear, but I got on some nice shoes.”

“I take the basketball take two dribbles and I jumped with everything in my body. Just didn’t happen guys. It just didn’t happen. It was truly like the guy in the agony of defeat when the guy is sliding down the snow. So it just didn’t happen, but I gave it 110 percent.”

So instead of driving around town in a nice red Lamborghini, Gentry is forced to slum it in a Lexus.

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