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Alex Rodriguez Struggles Again In Second Rehab Start

If his performance against minor league pitching is any indicator, Alex Rodriguez is far away from being ready to return to the New York Yankees.

After going 0-2 in his first rehab start (a GIDP and a strikeout looking), as well as committing a fielding error, Arod went 0-2 yet again tonight. In his first at bat, Rodriguez hit a weak chopper to first base. In his second at bat, he grounded out to the second baseman.

However, there’s nothing to be worried about for Yankees’ fans here. Typically, early on in rehab stints, players are still trying to find their timing against live pitching. As minor league pitchers, typically in the lower minor leagues, typically possess high heat but low control, this can be tough on a rehabbing star. If this was October and he was facing the same pitchers, this would likely be a different story.

Rodriguez has been sidelined all year with a hip injury. He’s also at the center of the recent Biogenesis scandal and a conflict between GM Brian Cashman and himself, so Arod has been in the spotlight plenty as of late. The Yankees, who have been struggling offensively since the start of June, definitely could use their 270 million dollar third baseman back sooner rather than later.

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