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Jay Z Rips Scott Boras On New Rap Album

Jay Z, who is now a certified baseball agent with his Roc Nation Sports, has taken to rap to gloat about stealing one of Scott Boras’ biggest clients.

Robinson Cano, formerly of the Boras Corporation, switched over to Jay Z’s new agency a few months ago. This was obviously a big blow to the Boras Corporation, as Cano is inline for a 100+ million dollar contract in the upcoming offseason as a free agent. Now, on his new album “Magna Carta Holy Grail”, which will be released on the fourth of July, Jay Z raps “Scott Boras, you over baby.  Robinson Cano, you comin’ with me.” The lyrics are from the song “Crown.”

In addition to Robinson Cano, Roc Nation Sports boasts no major baseball clients, so his claim that Scott Boras is done may be a bit unfounded. However, Roc Nation Sports does represent Kevin Durant of the NBA and Geno Smith of the NFL, although Jay Z himself is only certified to represent MLB and NBA players.

Jay Z poking a bit of fun at Boras is something that many people can be happy about, as Boras always demands the highest salaries for his players and is known as a tough (sometimes sneaky) negotiator.

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