May 10, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Bulls point guard Nate Robinson (2) claps to excite the crowd during the second half in game three of the second round of the 2013 NBA Playoffs against the Miami Heat at the United Center. Miami won 104-94. Mandatory Credit: Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Chicago Bulls Offering Nate Robinson A Minimum Contract

The Chicago Bulls gave Nate Robinson a great opportunity to boost his market value last season. After bouncing around the league, Robinson took the opportunity and ran with it when both Derrick Rose and Kirk Hinrich were down. Nate played in all 82 games of the regular season and started in Hinrich’s absence in the late stages of the year.

It didn’t seem likely that Chicago would be able to retain Robinson, who is a free agent this summer, but still offered him a contract, according to Alex Kennedy.

Hey, you can always try, right? Needless to say, getting Robinson for the minimum would be a massive steal, but it’s just not happening. Nate will likely have to wait his turn until most of the top free agents are recruited, but some team is bound to offer him a lucrative multi-year contract eventually.

The New York Knicks were rumored to be interested in bringing Robinson back, but with Pablo Prigioni likely signing a new deal, it’s unlikely that the team will be able to pay Robinson his current value.

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  • Matt Wells[Herd]

    Nate should come back. He’ll never win titles with Dallas or whomever else wants him. Nate has to decide what is more important. Making the most money or making a lil less $$ and winning rings. Hope he comes back cause he’s a Chicago Bull at heart.


      your right but being 3rd on the bench after rose and hinrich…… im guessing he want to play and be a contributor to ah title win . not sit on the bench

      • Hey there mon

        I think he would backup rose, hinrich backup jimmy, nate can play combo guard, sixth man.. Marquis teague is the one that aint going be playing at all if nate stays

    • mike

      if he wants to win rings than he is not going to resign with a team with choker rose and coward boozer on it. The team is full of fans that want to sign quitter aldridge yet complain about quitters. Hypocrites all chicago does is talk about the past cuz of how much of a choke job they have been. They are also fake tough that’s why they continue to get injured and lose when matters most.

      • Brian Neal

        You don’t watch much basketball, do you?

      • scott

        I agree with brian on this….I’m assuming you are a miami heat “fan”?

      • disqus_XuDkl5fwtL

        lol shut the fuck up.

  • dutch

    He should not go back to chi town he wiil be a 3rd string pg a back up to kirk hes better then kirk so why go back he should just wait to the stars are signed to teams then see what happens

  • Isaiah Heisman Cisco Jr.

    Nate Robinson Dallas Mavericks want you all u gotta do is just throw that ball up there to Dwight and Dirk. It’s Time u become a starter not a back up point guard

    • thisarticlesucks

      Lol you think you’re getting dwight…? Try again kid.

  • Isaiah Heisman Cisco Jr.

    Why would he go back to Chicago when he has been in the legue since 2005 playing back up point guard. It’s time he becomes a starter, and find home with a team for the next 7 years not traded every year the right championship team is Dallas. The next big three Dirk, Dwight, and Nate

    • Brian Neal

      Yeah, Nate’s not good enough to be a starter. He isn’t good enough at distributing the ball and setting up the offense, and he’s too inconsistent of a shooter to just be a starting, scoring point guard. Bulls fan here so I love Nate Robinson, but if his shot isn’t on a particular night, he generally is erratic with the ball and tries to force things. You only want him starting a few games due to injuries, but as we saw last year, the Bulls were even a more effective and winning team when Kirk Hinrich was starting, with Nate coming off the bench in limited action.

      • Isaiah Heisman Cisco Jr.

        He’s been in the league 7 years I think he knows the game better then Rose. You honestly think that Kirk Hinrich is better then him? Chicago playing him behind Kirk and everybody know nate way better, nate was the main reason they broke miami heat streak. It’s time he deserves to be a starter, and Dwight and dirk and Shawn Marion domination and possibly Andrew Bynum come on now

        • scott

          Kirk hinrich is definitely better than robinson…nate is more exciting to watch but that doesn’t win you games….lol the next big three…..dallas is garbage and they will be for years to come dwight is not going there and even if he did that man is a head case

          • Brian Neal

            Isaiah, if you watched the Bulls at all this year other than the Miami series in which Hinrich is hurt, you would’ve known the Bulls were a better team with Kirk playing 35 minutes a night instead of Nate. He may know the game well, I don’t know (though I doubt you do as well), but he is nowhere near an elite point guard in the league. He’s an exciting role player, but nothing more.

            Also, suggesting Dwight Howard, Andrew Bynum and Nate Robinson could all be paid and fit on the Mavericks’ roster is ridiculous because they don’t have nearly enough cap room to pay all of them. Now that we’ve seen the Rockets get Dwight, and your Mavs go for Jose Calderon (who is also a much more efficient point guard than Robinson), you’ll be lucky if they get a guy like Andrew Bynum, but even then, he’s kind of a head case too.

  • Isaiah Heisman Cisco Jr.

    He deserve way better than a minimum year contract

  • sam nosam

    I love Kirk but the Bulls need to move his contract to another team and offer Nate Kirk’s salary. Kirk just gets injured too often and DRose and Nate 2gether would be great to watch.

  • Noitidart

    What an insult to Nate. Gosh I’m very much disliking the Bulls org lately… We lost Beli because we didn’t want to pay him 1mil more… He signed for a 3mil/yr we were giving him 2mil/yr. Good grief.

    • sam nosam

      not to mention the GM firing Tib’s lead assistant coach (who is also supposedly very close to DRose). The GM Gar Forman is doing his best to kill the team from the inside. And yea if anything talk to Nate and let him know if u cant pay him what he earned for u last season. Offering table scraps just burns bridges.

  • Ya Moms

    what people don’t get is that nate was originally a SG in Ny and Golden State and Boston not a PG. He can backup up Butler instead of being a 3rd string pg. Starters: Rose,Butler,Deng,Boozer,Noah Bench: Hinrich,robinson,duneleavy,Gibson,Muhammad 3rd string: WHO CARES!