Fox Football Reporter Ran Over While Doing Sideline Interview (Video)

You’d think that one of these days, people would figure out the sideline can be a dangerous place, especially with your back to it. That’s the harsh reality Fox Sports reporter Amy Campbell is facing this morning after she was trampled during an interview with fellow Fox employee, Chad Simmons.

The incident took place at The Opening, a place where both high school and college players train and compete.

As you can see, Campbell (who posted the video on YouTube herself – what a champ) notices the incoming play but being the good reporter she is, attempts to keep the interview flowing as natural as possible. It looked like she was out of the woods until Florida’s Ermon Lane, a 6’3, 196lb wide receiver went straight into her back. Poor girl.

Campbell was apparently no worse for the wear though as you can hear her giggling at the end of the video.

Better than the actual hit might be the coach towards the top of the screen who watches the entire event unfold stoically, never rushing to the aid of Campbell. Smooth, dude, smooth. Guy must be a poon magnet with those manners.

Hat tip to The Big Lead for the video.

Tags: NCAA Football

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