Jul 6, 2013; Daytona Beach, FL, USA; Movie producer Jack Giarraputo (far left) and movie actors Kevin James (second from left), Shaquille O'Neal speak at Daytona International Speedway

Shaq Says Dwight Howard Couldn't Handle Bright Lights of Los Angeles or the Lakers

Dwight Howard and Shaquille O’Neal have always had a, well, odd relationship. Actually, it’s more Shaq than Dwight.

The former Laker great doesn’t really enjoy when people compare Dwight Howard to him and he’s constantly belittling Dwight in the press and has done so since Howard came into the league.

Shaq does his best to play it off, all but calling it tough love but sometimes you can’t help but think it’s more.

Recently, Mark Long caught up with Shaq who was at Daytona and let his feelings on why Dwight left the glimmer of LaLa Land:

”It was expected,” Shaq said. ”We’ve all been in LA, and not a whole lot of people can handle being under the bright lights. Everybody wants to do it, but when you get there, there are certain pressures. I think it was a safe move for him to go to a little town like Houston. That’s right, little town. I said it.”

Again, Shaq gives a playful jab at the end to make it seem all in fun, but Dwight, who’s expressed frustration with Shaq before might be getting a little tired of always being on the wrong end of his jokes.

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