February 12, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Houston Rockets point guard Jeremy Lin (7) prepares to shoot a free throw during the second quarter against the Golden State Warriors at Oracle Arena. The Rockets defeated the Warriors 116-107. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Rumors: Houston Rockets Struggling to Trade Jeremy Lin

Content with their acquisition of Dwight Howard, the Houston Rockets are still trying to move point guard Jeremy Lin but aren’t finding the process very easy.

According to Bill Ingram, the Rockets are working hard to move the soon to be 25 year old talent but are struggling thanks to their own doing, namely the poison pill contract they gave Lin last offseason.

Per Ingram:

A source with direct knowledge of the situation confirms Rockets working hard to move Jeremy Lin … very limited interest for teams.

The Rockets, figuring they had to come up with some creative scenario to keep the New York Knicks from matching Lin gave him a unique contract where they backloaded his deal, meaning the price for his final third and fourth seasons (fourth is a team option) balloon to around $10 million. It’s apparently not a contract many teams are eager to take on, especially considering the Rockets would like some type of talent in return for Lin.

It’s likely they’ll find a willing partner eventually, but the asking price will certainly need to come down.

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  • Martin Susman

    Lin was not worht the contract Houston gave him & now they are stuck… Wait till they find out how badf it is to have Dwight on the team when other players request a trade. Wait till Dwight begins to complain about Hardin & so on & wait till the bearded one begins to ask for a trade way from Dwight….

    • futureCAVSGM

      Couldn’t agree more! Howard will NEVER win a ring until he changes his selfish ways and I don’t see that happening anytime soon. His best bet is to play out his career and then sign with a contender in 8-10 years when he is on his way out of the league.

    • Northerner

      How was Lin not worth his contract? He had to adapt his game around Harden (in addition to still recovering strength in his knee at the start of the season). Lin will probably play better with Dwight, since the Rockets main problem was the lack of talented Big men. The Rockets are also a better fit for Dwight; younger, faster and less ego.

    • Edgar Chang

      Lin is the worst money the rockets ever spent. That guy only gives the ball away. He can’t do anyting else.

  • Matt Goffy

    Dwight Howard is a $88 million crap shoot. Judging from D12 history, he is a cry baby, man-child, immature indecisive person who can be difficult and throw tantrums.

    For Houston Rockets to put all their eggs in one basket is terribly risky and irresponsible. I have to assume GM D. Morey got the green light from Leslie Alexander to pursuit Howard.

    What if D12 has fall out with Beardman or Omer Asik or any other players like he did with Kobe Bryant or Steve Nash, or coach D’Antoni?

    Hello Houston, we have a problem. We are screwed.

    • Edgar Chang

      No we need to trade Lin to ATL for bag of cookies for D12.

      • ForTheLin

        What kind of person makes up a fake Asian name to poke fun on the internet?

  • David Wong

    good i want Lin nowhere near Dwightmare…

    • Edgar Chang

      Lin can’t shoot

      • David Wong

        like Dwightmare can shoot… he hasnt improved on his offensive game since he got in the league… but you give this guy a pass…

        how many years has it been 9?

  • Tim Nguyen

    We keep Lin…the asian man can play

  • Chris Northcott

    You all are dumber than shit and obviously haven’t a clue about basketball. Dwight Howard is a MAJOR aquisition and instantly turns a good team into a great one in the league we have today. However, JLin was a terrible decision. Especially considering they had a much greater and proven talent all along in Goran Dragic asking for less money than Lin with a much less complicated contract. Having said that, Howard will make lin exponentially better offensively by providing him with a less crowded lane to drive and a capable big to dish off to if contested. I can only hope this slant eyed sonbitch has improved his sub-par jump shot and is able to knock down some of the many wide open looks he will receive soley from “dwightmares” presence. Dumbasses

    • Johnny Wang

      LOL Dwight totally made the lakers a better team

    • Mike Silvestro

      No need for the racist remarks. It’s about basketball here

    • Deng Zhao Peng

      Chris Nothcock…you are so retarded and have zero common sense!! You must have been living under a rock or in a cave…actually you are because your IQ must be -100. What did DH do to two team and one coach the last two season? I hope you redneck caveman will learn something about the NBA.

    • Fuzzy

      Dwight will turn the Rockets around, just like he did with the Lakers…

    • Matt Goffy

      Northcott, this isn’t article about Aryan Brotherhood convention…LOL
      I know NBA has turned into cut throat business but its not in racist business.

    • Edgar Chang

      YEs they are all STupid Lin only fans who can’t root for a team but only for one player.

      They only care about Lin because he’s “asian” what a poor excuse to like someone only because of his race

  • Jah

    Lin likely have to go. If he stays and given his salary, he would have to start. If he starts, he would have to move to the 2 spot because Harden will be the primary playmaker because of the pick-n-roll situations with Howard.

    This is why someone like Beverly will be ideal to start alongside Harden. Why? Because Beverly can be responsible for just bringing the ball up the court. Once we set in our half-court offense, the ball will be in Harden’s hand as the primary ball-handler. Beverly then, will just move out the way and wait out on the wings.

    The PG position is “lessen” in this sense because Harden serves as a combo-guard. It wouldn’t work with Jeremy Lin because Jeremy Lin will then try to run the offense his way and will not want to just bring the ball up the court and give it to Hardem while he sits on the perimeter. That too little for the salary he makes.

    He’s the odd man out in this situation. Beverly would be an ideal fit.

    • ForTheLin

      Beverly can’t run the offense. If you watch him out there, he hustles and has spark, but he doesn’t have the experience or bb IQ. No way McHale trusts him to facilitate and manage the team. Lin’s way is how basketball is meant to be played–run and pass to the open man. Beverly is a good back-up and will never be a long term starter anywhere.

      • Jah

        You obviously didn’t understand a word I said. I didn’t say Beverly will run the offense now, did I?? I’m saying, Beverly will be used to just “bring the ball up the court”, give it Harden and get out the way. That’s it.

        Harden is the one that will be the primary ball-handler in a half-court set, understand? Harden will facilitate and do the pick and rolls with Howard. That’s what the Rockets want: a Harden/Howard duo running the offense. Lin is the odd man out unless Lin and Howard do the pick and rolls which would reduce Harden to just being a spot-up shooter. Harden is way too talented to just be a spot up shooter so the Rockets, ideally, would make Harden the primary ball-handler in the half court set. Again, J.Lin is the odd man out.

        • ForTheLin

          You obviously do not understand basketball. A point guard runs the offense. Lin and Beverly are point guards. The offense runs through them. Lin is by far the better pick and roll player and is ideally suited for Howard. Just as Lin made Tyson Chandler look like an all-star offensive player, he will do the same with Howard. Harden is a combo, but he is turnover prone and it remains how he and Howard will share the ball. The odd man out is Harden, but as you said he is too good a player not to give the ball to.

          • Evan Piche

            You dont need a great point guard to run the offense to win, ie Miami- Harden is more than capable of that. We need someone out there other than him and Parsons who can hit the open 3 that they will create.

          • ForTheLin

            Uh, Miami has Bosh, Wade, and Lebron, and I’m sure they would have an easier time, like three games easier, with the Spurs if they had Chris Paul to counter Tony Parker. Still, what you say is probably true, just as you don’t need a great center to rebound to win, or a great shooting guard to shoot to win. Ideally, the purpose of a point guard is to run the offense, and if you have a good one, why wouldn’t you use his strenghs?

          • Jah

            Dude, you must be gullible and lacking of reading comprehension and basketball understanding. You just a Lin-Only fan and can’t see it any other way.

            The Rockets will not have Lin run the offense and
            reduce Harden to a perimeter shooter. To think that should be case, just shows how delusional Lin-Only fans are. Hardem average 25ppg, 5 ast., 1 steal and 5 rebounds. That’s Superstar status. Harden did that while being the primary ball handler in a half-court set.

            It would be counter-productive to take the ball out of Harden’s hands so the Lin-Only fanboys can feel proud of their boy running an offense with Howard. Meanwhile, Lin is NOWHERE the caliber player Harden is. So, why would the Rockets sap Harden’s potential and let a mediocre, inconsistent talent like Lin do what Harden can do best, and what’s best for the Rockets and their offense??

            You lack sense to suggest Lin run the point and relegate Harden to a spot-shooter. McHale would be fired on the spot. Don’t get me wrong, I like Lin but he is the odd man out. Harden’s potential is too great to pass up for Lin’s inconsistency and not being a bona fide scorer/player that Harden is.

            You don’t have to believe me or take my word for it but I BET that’s what the Rockets gonna do: make Harden the primary ball handler and Beverly will be the one to bring the ball up the court. If Lin want to remain a Rockets, he’d have to do exactly what Beverly does……no Linsanity. Seeing that wouldn’t be fair to Lin, it id best to trade him to a team that would make him the focal point of the offense because Harden and Howard is the Rockets’ focal point of the offense. Their salaries demands it. Common sense.

          • ForTheLin

            You must be Beverly-only fan. Rookies were running circles around him at the Orlando summer league and if you think McHale is going to trust Dwight and Harden to a second rate rookie, you got serious delusions. Lin made Tyson Chandler an offensive threat and got Asik scoring double digits while dropping half his passes. You can hate on Lin all you want, but it must burn you up inside to see how close Lin is to a championship. The Man just wins, dude.

          • Jah

            Nope. You wrong. In fact, I like Lin more than Beverly. Lin is a better talent than Beverly but Beverly would be a better fit in that, he won’t try to take over the offense and do a “Linsanity.”

            In New York, Lin was the defacto focal point of the offense when Melo was out. People tend to forget that, and that’s why he was given the green light.

            With the Rockets, there will be Harden and there will be Howard. Do we need a Linsanity? Absolutely not. We need a PG to drop it down low. We need a PG to make an open 3. Ee need a PG to slash to the basket after the gaps Howard would create on the floor. This what makes Beverly a “fit.” Harden need the ball in a half-court setting. If Lin the primary ball-handler then, what is Harden? A spot-up shooter now?

            This is where your delusionalism flourish, dude. You thinking abouy Lin l-only and not that team as a whole. It doesn’t matter what he did in New York with Chandler. Melo wasn’t there. When Melo got back, there was chemistry issues. Why? Because Melo needed Lin to drop the ball to Melo in a half court setting and Lin didnt want to do that.

            It will be the same situation here. So, Lin have to let go of Linsanity. He’s NOT the focal point of the offense like a Chris Paul. He’s a role player. He need to feed Howard and Harden. He need to stay on the wing and wait for a pass to shoot 3s. If he don’t, he will be relegated to the 2nd unit. If he still don’t pan out, he will be traded.

          • ForTheLin

            Nope, you wrong. And, like I said before, you do not understand basketball, nor writing. Lin never tried to take over. He’s no ballhog like Harden or Melo. He wins. He always wins. That’s what he wants. He was the focal point of the Knicks because he had them working on all cylinders. Even a pants over head retard would have him as the focal point because he had them winning. You probably would have taken him out for racial or delusional reasons. Melo wanted iso, and D’ Antoni wouldn’t have any of that BS, so we had MeloDrama. Linsanity is how basketball was meant to be played. That is Laker’s Showtime and the NBA game. You don’t get that. You think boring old iso heroball is basketball. It ain’t. It must burn you up inside to know that Lin is this close to another championship, and unlike other BB players, he can probably make more at another job than he can at BB. Jealousy gets you nowhere. You heard it here.

          • Jah

            Dude, you obviously a retard, and probably the real racist seeing that you putting Lin above the whole team. I played basketball and what you say makes no sense. You just a Lin-Only fan. That’s why you don’t understand game.

            You can’t tell me how Harden will be used if Lin is the primary ball-handler. All you see is, Lin here, Lin there, Lin over there, Lin over here. I bet you think all of our starters are named Jeremy Lin.

            You just jealous of Harden and Howard because you’re a racist hater. The kind of fan that will blame Harden if Lin have a bad game. You think Harden and Howard should defer to J.Lin because you see it no other way. You’re not a R9ckets fan. You’re a straight-up Lin-Only fan that’s racist and a hater to James Harden for being 10 times better than Lin.

            Thank God you have no connection with the Rockets except being a Lin-Only fan. Guess what though? Even Lin knows he will have to defer to Harden and Howard and play as a role player. And that piss you off. Good for you, sucker. Hahahaha.

          • ForTheLin

            It’s too bad you have to resort to name calling, but it’s exactly what I expect from racists. Lin wins. Bank on it. God loves you and so do I. Peace out.

    • Matt Goffy

      Bev can’t run the offense…I like his aggressive defense style but that is light-years from being a good floor general.
      Beardman is all about Iso Ball. Harden is a natural isolation basketball player at his best. That comes with peril of holding the ball way too long to stop the “Ball Movement” in clutch time. Video replays of Rockets against OKC playoffs game 4 & 6 shows Harden playing isoball in clutch time. He made too many bad shot selections and missed all of it with 2:00-1:30 left on the clock in a tight game.

      James Harden could have passed the ball in traffic to Omer Asik for pick’n roll or Chander Parsons, Jeremy Lin, Francisco Garcia, Carlos DelFino, and Patrick Beverly for 3 balls, but no. Harden wants to play hero ball all by himself and loss the winnable games…Sigh!!!
      Does that sound like a great ball facilitator to you? Btw, no to mention Harden’s 9 turnovers in game 4 and 7TO in game 6.

      If this have been anyone else on the team, he would have been crucified by coach, general manager and owner…But the beardman gets the pass because, he is the franchise player of team.

  • ForTheLin

    “Morey is getting ready to trade Harden and Howard to Miami for Lebron James. For sure.”

    Bill Ingram

  • tkrieger

    The whole problem with the Rockets’ “Lin predicament” was seeded by Daryl Morey going after a seemingly promising player (and marketing icon) with total disregard to whether he’d be compatible with Coach Kevin McHale and his unorthodox (“layups and three point shot” strategy) offensive system. Jeremy Lin’s primary strength offensively is creating off the midrange game, which was all but muzzled in McHale’s system. Combine that with McHale’s benching tactics, which cuts a players time just for playing poorly, and Lin’s confidence has taken a major hit. I personally could not imagine a worse case for Lin, outside of getting injured.

    Yet the Rockets’ young team seemed to “overachieve” under McHale…. Making the post-season for the first time in four years….. Although many (including myself) wanted McHale fired, the surprise performance in the First Round post-season, taking the OKC Thunder to six games, spared McHale as coach. But I thought the Rockets should have done a lot better, even with the team being so young.

    Lin had a disappointing season under McHale (in spite of the team’s relative success), hence Lin’s trade value is now shot. I still think the “Linsanity” version of Lin can blossom, but I’m almost certain it won’t happen under Coach McHale. (Even had the Rockets not signed Dwight Howard or not been shopping Lin.) But at the same time, because Lin’s trade value is shot, the Rockets might not be able to part with him, outside of a buyout.

    So both Lin and the Rockets are stuck with each other. From Lin’s perspective, could be a major roadblock in advancing as a potential star player. For the Rockets, could be a major roadblock in regard to moving cap space to land another star player.

    The Houston Rockets fans worship GM Daryl Morey, mainly due to his early years as GM, then landing James Harden, and now landing Dwight Howard. But he strikes me more as a “star grabber extraordinaire” than a true team builder. And if Morey investigated Lin’s strengths and weaknesses, and maybe determined that Lin was not a good fit for McHale’s system (Lin flourishes with a midrange game, McHale’s system disregards midrange play), Morey and the Rockets would not be in the Lin predicament they’re in now. (What would have happened with Lin without that contract would be total speculation. He might have had a much better season in a more normal offense. But nobody really knows for sure.) We also have a potential star center in Omer Asik (who I like better than Howard) rumored to wanting out. So in Morey’s grand plan, things are not going totally smoothly in Rocketland. And with Dwight Howard’s checkered past, this prized acquisition is a huge gamble that could result anywhere from an NBA Finals run to a train wreck dwarfing the Lakers’ debacle this past season.

    • Edgar Chang

      Lin doesn’t have a mid range jumper. He’s useless to Houston. You can trade Lin to toronto

  • Edgar Chang

    Dwight Howard is the least of our worries.

    We need to Trade that overhyped “no show playoff” Jeremy Lin who can’t hit
    the side of a barn with a basketball. That guy sucks. he can’t shoot, he
    can only dribble with his right hand, he can only drive right as in right into a defender!!

    If your a defense… you know you can stop lin. Let him have the open shot. Have the rim defenders shade to Lin’s right.

    That’s it… he will fail 90% of the time. That’s why he went from avg 13 ppg to
    only 4 points a game in the playoffs against OKC.

    JLIN SUX!!

  • Edgar Chang

    Were going to trade Jeremy and Asik for a bag of skittles