July 12, 2012; Albertville-La Toussuire, FRANCE; A general view as riders go through the mountains during stage eleven of the 2012 Tour de France between Albertville and La Toussuire. Mandatory Credit: Bernard Papon/Presse Sports via USA TODAY Sports

Zoe Romano's Unbelievable Run

Check out those ridiculous mountains. To think of biking inclines such as those for weeks on end is the sort of athletic craziness that most “normal” people don’t even exert effort to fathom. But to run those same mountains? That’s just insane. Yet that’s exactly what remarkable distance runner Zoe Romano is doing.

The 26-year-old runner began her journey on May 18th and plans on finishing in Paris right before the peloton shows up. To accomplish this, she will have to average roughly 30 miles per day, dealing with the 100,000-plus feet of elevation change at an incredible 9-minute-mile pace.

(Go out and run a mile in 9 minutes flat and see how it feels. Not bad, huh? Cool, now at that same pace complete 2,000 miles. You have nine weeks to finish. Go!)

Romano’s legend is growing in the world of ultra-distance running. She ran across the United States back in 2011, departing from Huntington Beach, California, and arriving in Charleston, South Carolina, using a running stroller to haul her gear by herself. She considered running across Iceland as her next feat, but then decided that such a run was too “safe.” Eventually she decided on running the Tour de France course in its entirety.

When talking to ESPNW for Mackenzie Lobby’s excellent profile-piece, Romano summed up her attitude:

It’s all about going from that crazy idea and making a plan. It’s not going to be easy, but if you’re willing to make a plan and work hard, that’s how it happens.

[Source: ESPNW]

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