Jun 30, 2013; Bethesda, MD, USA; Tiger Woods speaks to the crowd during the trophy presentation after the final round of the AT

Arnold Palmer: "Very Questionable" Tiger Woods Can Catch Jack Nicklaus' Major Record

One of the greatest golfers of all time offers his opinion on if the best golfer of this generation can catch golf’s most legendary record.

In a series of interviews by Yahoo! Sports, Jay Busbee of Devil Ball Golf probes Arnold Palmer on if he believes Tiger Woods can catch the magical number of 18 major victories, a record held by Jack Nicklaus.

“The psychology of getting in position and then being able to carry it forward [to a win] … when he was younger, that was pretty easy to do,” Palmer says. “Now that he’s older, it will be more difficult. He’ll have to really struggle. I think he’ll find it, I think he’s still about as good as you can get, but it’ll be difficult.”

Woods currently holds 14 major victories. Back in 2008, we all believed that it was a no-brainer that Woods would take the record after winning the U.S. Open in a playoff with Rocco Mediate.

Now in 2013, absolutely none of us thought that would still be the last major he won. Palmer believes there’s still a chance, but the opportunity is dying.

“Can he? Yes,” Palmer says, without hesitation. “But will he? That is…” Palmer pauses, weighing how to answer. He finally lifts a hand, rotating it in a “so-so” motion. “Very questionable.”

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