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Alex Rios Becomes First Player Ever To Get 4 Hits In A Game Against Justin Verlander

Alex Rios had a pretty big game tonight,  going 5-5 with a triple, including 4 hits against Tigers’ superstar pitcher Justin Verlander. This is the first time in Justin Verlander’s 8 year career that he has allowed 4 hits in one game to any single player.

While Justin Verlander hasn’t been quite as dominant this year as he has in the past, going 9-5 with an unusually high (for him) 3.71 ERA, this is still quite an impressive feat for Rios, and lead the White Sox offense, which has scored 8 runs so far, into the 8th inning.

Rios, 32, has had a solid year for the White Sox. After hitting .304 with 25 homers and 91 RBIs in 2012, Rios has hit a solid .278/.331/.435 with 11 homers and 38 RBIs on the year. With the White Sox sitting at dead last in the AL Central, he will definitely be a  trade candidate for the White Sox. Teams like the Cincinnati Reds, who are in contention but have glaring holes in the outfield, could be on the lookout for Rios.

Going 5-5 in a game is pretty impressive, but is much more impressive when 4 of those hits come against a guy who has never allowed 4 hits in one game to anybody ever. This is a night to remember for Alex Rios.

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