Grand Theft Auto 5: Gameplay Trailer (Video)

After much anticipation, the gameplay trailer to Grand Theft Auto 5 was released this morning and it didn’t disappoint. The nearly five minute long video is narrated to give an overview of the gameplay which includes not only footage of the game in action, but also an introduction to the open world you’ll play in.

The trailer starts off showing the fictional setting of Los Santos (based on Los Angeles) and the surrounding areas of San Andreas (based on California).

As always, there are nearly unlimited amounts of vehicles, planes and boats that you’ll be able to drive/fly around in along with a multitude of side distractions (the video at one point shows the player playing tennis, cycling and parachuting).

The story, unlike previous editions of the popular Grand Theft Auto series follows three main characters around rather than one – but more than that – the characters continue to life their life when you’re not actively engaged with them, which will create some interesting scenarios.

Another feature we’ve never seen before from the series is the ability to dive underwater. Rockstar says they spent a meticulous amount of time making the world under the sea just as beautiful as above and as evidenced by the video, they weren’t kidding.

GTA V is scheduled for release September 17th on both PS3 and XBox 360

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