Benedict Cumberbatch Makes Harlem Shake Video Using Only His Hand (Video)

Apparently, rising acting star Benedict Cumberbatch is a lot more brilliant than the rest of us. Yes, Harlem Shake videos have overstayed their welcome, but Cumberbatch’s boredom led to him creating his own video using strictly his hand.

Considering how mind-blowingly stupid Harlem Shake videos have become, this is actually one of the best.

It’s creative, innovative… okay, not really. It’s just a hand, but it is something to talk about in the middle of the summer.

The video surfaced on Twitter after one of Cumberbatch’s best friends, Adam Ackland, posted the video with the message, “Bored BC on the plane came up with this.”

There isn’t much more that you can say, so enjoy Benedict Cumberbatch’s hand dancing around your computer screen.

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