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British Open: Muirfield's Men-Only Policy Sparks Debate

With the 2013 British Open set to begin in four days at Muirfield, the debate as to the appropriateness of male-only clubs in today’s modern world has once again been reopened. Muirfield, like Royal Troon and Royal St. George’s (two of the other courses on the British Open rotation circuit), only allows membership to men. Women are allowed to play the course but are denied the access of full membership.

While the Royal & Ancient Golf Club, the organization that runs the British Open (and that not coincidentally also has a men-only membership policy), says there is no moral problem in excluding women from these famous courses, multiple political figures across Europe disagree.

Hugh Robertson, sports minister in Britain spoke about men-only policies in The Daily Telegraph  (via FoxNews):

I would really encourage the R&A, when they next come to allocate the Open, to look at this, simply because of the message that it sends out. It just looks very, very out of touch and old fashioned in the post-Olympic era.

Peter Dawson, chief executive of the Royal & Ancient Golf Club, said that to require private clubs to change their membership polices to include women in order to host the Open would be tantamount to bullying.

What say you, Fan Siders? Is this a non-issue? Should certain courses still be allowed men-only policies? Is this a problem that needs to be fixed ASAP? Sound off in the comments.

[Source: Fox News]



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