Invicta FC 6 Results: Cris Cyborg Dominates Marloes Coenen on Way to Fourth-Round Stoppage

Invicta FC 6 came to an epic conclusion on Saturday night with the highly anticipated main event between Marloes Coenen and Cris Cyborg as they met in the cage to determine to inaugural Invicta FC featherweight champion. It was a rematch three-years in the making and all eyes were on the all-female promotion as the champion was about to be named.

There was no hesitation from either fighter as they instantly engaged without a touch of gloves.

Cyborg landed some powerful punches early, while Coenen unsuccessfully shot for a takedown. The two fighters jostled for position up against the cage as Cyborg was able to use her strength to keep Coenen pressed up against the fence. Cyborg was able to eventually get Coenen on her back and worked from the half-guard where she landed some huge ground-and-pound shots.

Referee John McCarthy eventually separated the fighters so Coenen could get back to her feet, but she immediately ate a right hand that sent her tumbling back down to the mat. Cyborg jumped on Ceoenen and worked from side control, before allowing Coenen back to her feet while she looked for the knockout.

The fight went back to the ground almost immediately as Cyborg landed a beautiful throw before the first round came to an end.

To start Round 2, Coenen shot for the takedown, but Cyborg was able to keep her base and landed in the top position. Cyborg seemed very uncomfortable on the ground when the two were very close, and she continuously allowed Coenen to get back up to her feet. When Cyborg did stay on the ground, she landed some big shots to the body.

Cyborg eventually got Coenen to shell up, but Cyborg was very calculated and did not throw a flurry of punches. Instead, Cyborg peppered Coenen with a few shots before bringing the fight back to the feet. It was much of the same throughout the fight as Cyborg would land a big takedown, hit a few powerful shots and then go back to the striking game.

It was all Cyborg through the first two rounds, but Coenen seemed content dragging the Brazilian in to deep waters.

The third round started with Cyborg turning up the pressure and beginning to look for the finish. Cyborg continued to press Coenen against the cage while she peppered her with shots and threw her opponent to the ground with ease. There was nothing that Coenen was able to do effectively and she seemed to just be a punching bag for the much more powerful Cyborg.

After much of the same in Round 4, Cyborg landed a devastating shot following an illegal upkick from Coenen that sent the Golden Glory star crumbling to the ground. While Coenen was rocked, she was still able to regain her composure as Cyborg gained the full mount and continued to land some big punches. Referee John McCarthy was watching the action closely, but he allowed Cyborg to continue her dominating performance as Coenen attempted to protect herself.

Eventually, Cyborg’s storm of punches became to much and Big John had to call a stop to the action.

With the fourth-round stoppage, Cyborg was once again on top of the featherweight division.

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