Texas A&M's Johnny Manziel has a knack for partying. This photo comes from a night out in Houston. Photo Credit: Black Sports Online

Johnny Manziel Partied in College Station After Being Booted From Manning Camp

Johnny Manziel is just 20 years old, but he continues to find himself in nightclubs and situations that result him getting intoxicated and stupid. This most recent incident may not have involved alcohol, but it is troubling to hear considering the events that led up to his night out.

It was reported very late Saturday night that Manziel was booted from the Manning Camp after a few nights out that caused him to sleep through meetings.

Manning Camp officials said that Manziel was sent home “sick”, which is code for hungover after drinking your ass off the night before, but all of the reports indicated otherwise. However, if Manziel really was sick, then he healed very quickly and found his way back to College Station where he continued to party it up.

Manziel was spotted by plenty of Twitter users on College Station’s bar strip, Northgate, where he stopped in to a hookah bar.


Johnny Football does what Johnny Football wants, whenever he wants.

Do we still believe that he was too “ill” too continue mentoring at the camp?

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  • Nobam2012

    I am so glad I read this. I have not clue who Johnny is and I don’t care. Sounds like he’s just another boy that can’t handle the real world.

  • schmak01

    The photo is from a party after the cotton bowl

    Shouldn’t be posted here, way to make it look like he was partying. He’s with his Dad not in CS.


  • Matt Box

    The pic is old but those twitter comments from people seeing him partying when he should be taking that camp seriously is very up to date.

  • Winston

    Looks in the pic like he looks on the field… surrounded by talent.

  • whichonespink

    “Me and Johnny”? I hope this idiot is not going to college.

  • johnconners

    Hey…..Johnny….if you can continue to back it up…..do your thing dude…..but know this…. ” the first time you get flattened like a pancake, you better get up and take it like a man ” because if you don’t, you just a common variety punk ! Gig’em Johnny