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Peyton Manning Downplays Johnny Manziel's Camp Departure

Jan 4, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Texas A&M quarterback Johnny “Football” Manziel continues his historic season. Mandatory Photo Credit: US PRESSWIRE

It’s been a hectic last 24 hours for Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel of Texas A&M. After being asked to leave the 2013 Manning Passing Academy, rumors began to swirl as to the reason for the dismissal. It turns out “dehydration” was the culprit; Manizel just needed some rest, evidently. Still, the fact that he was spotted out partying doesn’t help his “wild guy” reputation one bit.

One person not looking to criticize the young Manziel is Peyton Manning, quarterback of the Denver Broncos. Manning spoke about his impressions of Manziel and the situation surrounding his dismissal (via NFL.com):

I enjoyed meeting Johnny. I can remember a 20-year-old Eli missing a meeting and catching some flak. We always have counselors who leave early. Johnny was great with the campers for the time he was here. He had to leave early. I wish him the best and I want him to come back as a counselor next year.

Thankfully the college football season starts in a few months and we can all go back to analyzing Manziel’s on-field talents as opposed to casting aspersions on his personality.

[Source: NFL.com]


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