Pouncey Brothers Wear 'Free Aaron Hernandez' Hats to Nightclub (Photo)

At a time when the NFL is trying their best to distance themselves from former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez, some players just can’t help but to be loyal to their old friends. Two of Hernandez’s college teammates, Maurkice Pouncey (Pittsburgh Steelers) and Mike Pouncey (Miami Dolphins), were spotted out in a night club rocking hats that said “Free Hernandez”.

Sure, that isn’t a crime by any means, but it does show poor judgement and bad taste.

Here is the photographic evidence:

If the Pouncey brothers are still friends with Hernandez, that is great, but they shouldn’t be going out of their way to draw attention to themselves and in a sense mock the situation and disrespect the family of Odin Lloyd as they deal with his death.

It is just poor judgement all around.

Interestingly enough, the Pouncey brothers were two of the former Florida Gators players who were questioned about a shooting in Gainesville back in 2007 along with Hernandez. None of the players were arrested, but it is one of the first of many ties to crime that have surfaced from Hernandez’s past.

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