June 30, 2013; Beaverton, OR, USA; Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel, of Texas A&M. Mandatory Photo Credit: USA Today Sports

Report: Johnny Manziel Kicked Out of Manning Camp For Sleeping Through Meetings

It looks like Johnny Football is the center of controversy once again. Texas A&M Aggies quarterback Johnny Manziel has found himself in hot water at the Manning Camp after he failed to show up for numerous meetings. Manziel was “sick” according to the camp officials, which is often code for hungover, after a night out on the town Friday night and he could not throw on Saturday night.

However, it appears Manziel was kicked out of the Manning Camp for partying too hard:

“Something kinda unbelievable, Johnny Football was asked by the Mannings to leave, hence the reason why he didn’t throw. [He] slept through all the staff meetings came out to practice only once. Amazing. [He] shouldn’t do that anyway but definitely not to the Manning’s. I never saw him once. Heard some ladies snapped a pic of him and McCarron in the bar and it hit twitter and he wasn’t happy about that.”

It is just the latest sign of extreme immaturity from Johnny Manziel.

Not only did he do himself a disservice by robbing himself of a chance to learn from some of the best in the NFL, but he completely disrespected the Mannings.

Texas A&M hopes to make a run in 2013, but they will need their quarterback to focus on playing football rather than chilling with pretty ladies and kicking back drinks before he has meetings and obligations on the field.

Plenty of NFL scouts already have concerns about Manziel’s attitude and immaturity and this report will do nothing to help.

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  • Paul Malak

    What a great Heisman Trophy representative.

  • Jason Chestnut

    There is nothing left to say!

  • jbszeus

    Dumbas’s is throwing money away with this nonsense. Does he not realize that?

    • Brandon C.

      He was born rich…his parents never kept anything from him, apparently. Hence his lack of concern for anything but himself.

  • Teresa Bynum

    Go figure …. rtr !!!

  • Gerald Tinnon

    AJ……. STAY AWAY from this creep!

  • Patrick Moore

    That is showing some serious leadership ability and maturity there, Johnny Football. The world is packed with gifted people who are failures because they lacked those two things…think seriously about that.

  • Conner Callaway

    Student at Texas A&M and long term Aggie fan reporting in: I for one am sick of Johnny and the way he is representing the university. I can speak for a ton of Aggies when I say we are quite ready for him to go. I love him on the football field but past that he is immature, and a trouble maker. It seems like he just never learns.This is not even the worst of stories for I can tell you tons more of issues he gets in on campus!

  • Kelley Holliday

    What a way to piss off a once in a lifetime opportunity. JM you are an idiot.

  • Jacqui Odell

    Longtime Auburn and Alabama fan here. I became a fan of Johnny last year, even being loyal to my state. I am disappointed. Hopefully, he’ll go back to basics, grow up and stop taking for granted his gifts.

    • Ryan R- REAL Bama Fan

      Auburn and Alabama fan?!?! Ummmmm…

  • tim

    uummmm he’s just a sophomore in college, what do you expect ???? let the kid have some fun……

    • T.Scott Chiware

      Tebow didnt do all that…

      • Brandon C.

        Neither did Collin Klein.

    • John Holloway

      There are times to have fun and times to be serious. The Manning camp was one of the times to be serious.

  • Jeff Mcdowell

    Johnny Football has an ego the size of Texas…He thinks he is an All Pro Hall of fame QB and is still a kid in College….

  • metalhead65

    shame on you Johnny! how dare you act like a normal 21 year old man! this would be a concern if it was you know during football season but since it is not he needs to be able to enjoy life a little before he has to focus on football for the next 6 months. he earned the heisman for what he did on the field and as long as he is not getting arrested for dui’s, beating his girfriend or drugs cut the kid some slack! not everyone wants to lead a boring football only life like the mannings 24/7 365 days a year. I am pretty sure he will not suddenly become a horrible qb because he did not partake in this camp.

    • Brandon C.

      Your bias is showing.

      • metalhead65

        what bias? I am hoping to enjoy a winning season for the first time in god knows how long at IU this year. I am just tired of the piling on for him enjoying life the way most kids his age do or would if they could. again when he gets busted for any of the things I mentioned or does it when the season starts then I would be concerned.or if he does any of this during the season. what he has done since the season changes nothing about what he did last year to get the Heisman,he earned it now let the kid enjoy life before he has to focus on football again.

    • bart

      The thing about this is that he was there as a camp counselor for the high school kids. Just like Sam Bradford and all the other high profile players that were there and there before him. He was there to teach football. The other instructors went and enjoyed the town also but they stayed true to their commitment.

    • Jim Blackburn

      Johnny boy can party on his own time but when you are there to be a mentor to kids and try to set good examples for them to learn from, then you have crossed the line. The Mannings set the example by asking him to leave if you cant be reliable to show up to a camp not hungover then you got to go. Lets see if Johhny learns from this or if he continues to make bad decisions.

  • Matthew Camp

    To all of those saying, “let him have fun”, and “he’s just acting like a normal 21 year old”; when he made the commitment to football, he also gave up being a normal kid. As the parent of a college athlete, it was ALWAYS my son’s decision to play football or not. He knew going in that he would have to make a lot of sacrifices to get what he wanted. Manziel knew this also. If he doesn’t want to display the leadership and COMMITMENT needed to play football on this level, then he needs to get out of the way and let someone who IS committed get their chance. Manziel is a TERRIBLE leader and role-model. And yes, whether he likes it or not, he is a role-model to a lot of young football players.

  • David

    Stephen Garcia 2.0? (Only with more talent)

  • Michael Detwiler

    My nephew is at this camp. It is for high schoolers to hone their skills and Johnny was there to serve and teach others. He is immature.

    • metalhead65

      well since he was sent home that should teach them the lesson that if you don’t follow the rules there are consequences for your actions no matter who you are.

  • Brandon C.

    “The Heisman Memorial Trophy annually recognizes the
    outstanding college football player whose performance best exhibits the pursuit
    of excellence with integrity. Winners epitomize great ability combined with
    diligence, perseverance, and hard work. The Heisman Trophy Trust ensures the
    continuation and integrity of this award. The Trust, furthermore, has a
    charitable mission to support amateur athletics and to provide greater
    opportunities to the youth of our country. Our goal through these charitable
    endeavors is for the Heisman Trophy to symbolize the fostering of a sense of
    community responsibility and service to our youth, especially those
    disadvantaged or afflicted. All assets of the Trust beyond the expense of
    maintaining the annual presentation of the Heisman Memorial Trophy are reserved
    for such charitable causes. The Trustees, who all serve pro bono, are guided by
    a devotion to college football and are committed to community service and the
    valued tradition which the Trophy represents.”

    This Mission Statement by the Heisman Trophy Trust is why I thought Collin Klein most deserved this award then, and why I still feel the same now. Time eventually exposes all things.

  • Farrell Walker

    Please AJ, stay out of bars!

  • Charlton Younkin

    this is garbage. is this a tabloid sports site? making stuff up and extremely exaggerating a story just to get hits? get your facts straight. and many of you commenters need to just chill out. He’s 20 years old. nobody here at 20 would look good if thrust into the spotlight. He recognizes that everything he does is now public and is learning from his mistakes. watch any interview in the last few months. i dare you to deny his maturity. lastly, any aggie claiming johnny needs to go should be ashamed of themselves. he’s the best thing that has happened to aggie football and the university of texas a&m in the last 50 years. he will be an a&m legend the rest of his life and i, for one, have nothing but love for the man

    • Arthur Berkowitz

      and just how do you know that all the stuff is made up and extremly exaggerated? Please share with us your inside knowledge.

      • Charlton Younkin

        Mort is far more credible and has a more accurate news report. the camp itself states that he left a SINGLE day early due to sickness. Peyton himself says that a college coach/counselor missing a meeting is not unheard of. the fact that he was even there is testament to who he is. fall camp is right around the corner. when he should be getting prepared for that, he instead, tries to help out a program that he greatly respects and that he had been a part of while in high school

  • A S

    People with drug or alcohol problems respect nothing expect the object of their desires which is more drugs and more alcohol.

  • Sandy Weston

    That is not what happened….the Manning camp released a statement and said clearly that he was ill and unable to make the sessions…they invited him to come back next year…smh