Driver Tries to Start Fight, Gets Dragged by Race Car (Video)

I’ve watched enough action flicks to know that jumping into a moving vehicle is about as easy as brushing your teeth.

I mean really, who hasn’t jumped into a moving car? Obviously not this guy, who wasn’t exactly happy with how things were going down at a Sportsman Series race in Winston-Salem.

That guy, who is apparently named Mike Robertson was upset after the race winner Derek Stoltz bumped him in the final laps resulting in a crash for Robertson. He was obviously unhurt (well, sans his pride) as he attempted to attack Stoltz as he drove by but wanting no part, the race winner floored it dragging Robertson alongside the car.


Even worse? As he loses his grip on the car, Robertson is throw into the concrete barrier wall, but he impressively keeps going. Bouncing right up to his feet, he still tries to chase down Stoltz who did everything he could outside of running the guy over.

Shockingly, after escaping the crash unhurt, Robertson actually came away with little more than some cuts and bruises from the ruckus, according to the Winston-Salem Journal:

Robertson was thrown into a wall shortly later, but got up and walked off uninjured.

It’s like a real life version of Talladega Nights.

You can watch the two go at it below:


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