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New York Has More Valuable Sports Teams Than Any Other City

Every year Forbes ranks the top 50 most valuable sports teams in the world. The top of the list was dominated by European soccer clubs, but the NFL dominated the list. The NFC East, was the most valuable NFL division.

But New York City had more valuable sports teams than any other city. It’s worth noting that New York has more teams than every city, with 2 NFL teams, 2 NBA teams, 2 MLB teams and 2 or 3 NHL teams if you count the New York Islanders and the New Jersey Devils, who play in Newark less than an hour away.

Nevertheless the 5 NYC teams are:

#4- New York Yankees, $2.3 billion
#9- New York Giants, $1.468 billion
#14- New York Jets, $1.284 billion
#23- New York Knicks, $1.1 billion
#45- New York Mets, $811 million

The second place city is Chicago: the Cubs, Bears and Bulls all made the list. Los Angeles, Boston, Philadelphia and San Francisco each had 2 teams.

The bay area had 3 teams if you add the Oakland Raiders to the San Francisco teams.

The average team is worth $1.24 billion, up 16% from last year. The are 33 teams worth more than $1 billion versus 24 in 2012. Two years ago no team passed $2 billion, now there are 5 over that threshold including 2 over $3 billion.

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