Dec 26, 2012; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Houston Rockets fans cheer on point guard Jeremy Lin (not pictured) in the fourth quarter against the Minnesota Timberwolves at Target Center. Rockets won 87-84. Mandatory Credit: Greg Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Little Rockets Fan To Shaq: "Don't Ever Disrespect Houston Like That" (Video)

The Houston Rockets introduced Dwight Howard yesterday. After the media press conference and normal hoopla, Dwight Howard went outside to address adoring fans.

Current and former Los Angeles Lakers have criticized Dwight Howard’s move to Houston. Steve Nash said that Howard never wanted to be a Laker and questioned how he’d fit in the Rockets offensive scheme.

Former NWA Rapper and Friday movie star, Ice Cube, called Howard a coward for leaving Los Angeles.

Former Laker center Shaquille O’Neal dissed Howard’s decision to leave Los Angeles with a “move to a little town like Houston.”

Well a pint-sized Rockets fan took exception to Shaq’s comments and had a message for him.

“Shaq! Shaq! I want to say one thing to you, Shaq: Don’t ever disrespect Houston like that again! Don’t ever disrespect Houston! H-Town baby!”

Shaq at the time had said, via the NY Post:

“We’ve all been in L.A., and not a whole lot of people can handle being under the bright lights. Everybody wants to do it, but when you get there, there are certain pressures.”

“I think it was a safe move for him to go to a little town like Houston. That’s right, little town. I said it.”

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