Rory McIlroy Hits 8-Over 79 In Muirfield

After seeing some surprises already, including Charl Schwartzel’s hammer-throw, we can also add a poor performance by the world’s number 2 player. Rory McIlroy is at risk of not even making the cut at the Open Championship. He hit a disappointing 8-over (79) in the first round on Thursday.

With him being the 2nd best player in the world, it’s hard to grasp this single fact. He hasn’t won since November of 2012, has the streak will probably continue because it seems he might not make the cut for this major tournament.

Here’s what McIlroy had to say following his first round frustrations,

It’s strange, I mean, I wish I could stand up here and tell you guys what’s wrong or what I need to do to make it right, because I feel like I’ve got the shots. It’s just a matter of going through the right process to hit them, and that’s something that I obviously haven’t been doing recently.


I don’t know what you can do. You’ve just got to try and play your way out of it. But it’s nothing to do with technique. It’s all mental out there. And then I just need to concentrate, obviously. But sometimes I feel like I’m walking around out there and I’m unconscious. I just need to try to think more. I’m trying to focus and trying to concentrate. I can’t really fathom it at the minute, and it’s hard to stand up here and tell you guys what’s really wrong.

Obviously something is wrong with Rory McIlroy. He may have lost his touch over the past year, or maybe it’s more of a mental game that’s making him perform poorly. McIlroy believes it’s the latter of the two options, saying

I just can’t put it all together mentally out there.

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