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Nate Robinson Signs A Baby (Photo)

Professional athletes can have some pretty unique encounters with fans. Whether it be strange gifts or propositions from a certain sector of their fan base or simply odd autograph requests, the athletes never know what they are getting in to when they step out in to the public.

For Nate Robinson, his latest strange encounter came when he was attending an NBA Summer League game between the Charlotte Bobcats and Milwaukee Bucks.

Robinson was apparently asked to sign a baby, so he pulled out the Sharpie and did just that.

Everyone was made aware of Robinson’s odd autograph when the NBA Summer League posted the photo to their Twitter account.

Are your eyes ready for this?

On a positive note, it looks like the autograph is just going on the baby’s shirt, so that is a win for parenting.

While it may not be that big or important of a story, the NBA Summer League has to be thrilled anytime they are mentioned in the news — even if that means it is because a free agent guard is putting his signature on someone’s child.

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