Photo via Jadeveon Clowney on Instagram (@clowney_7)

Steve Spurrier Caught in Fast Food Restaurant For Amazing Photo

South Carolina Gamecocks head coach Steve Spurrier was one of the stars of SEC Media Days this week, which he often turns in to when a microphone is in front of him, but it was a simple image of the old ball coach at a fast food restaurant that surfaced on Instagram that is taking Spurrier’s greatness to a new level.

Star defensive end Jadeveon Clowney shared an image on his Instagram account of his head coach rocking some shades, giving the thumbs up and strolling around with his tie undone.

To make matters even better, Clowney sent out the image with the caption, “Yeah my coach swagg”.

Here is the incredible photo that was posted:

It is hard not to look at that photograph and crack a smile or a little laugh, but what else should we expect from Spurrier?

I am not sure if the South Carolina media guide has gone out yet, but if that is not used as the cover for that or at least one of the team’s programs for this season, South Carolina is doing the fans and everyone else a disservice.

What is your favorite picture of a college coach off the field? Share your choice in the comments section below.

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  • cmaninbam

    I clicked on this for that????? Thanks for wasting my 15 seconds!!!!!

  • Allen Christian

    When you throw words like “incredible” at things like this, it really diminishes the word’s meaning. This is maybe the most regular thing in existence. He’s a dude, albeit a dude with a cool job, getting a fountain drink. Okay.

    • jessiejfan4eva

      Because you dont see “dudes” of his calibur in fast food joints very often. Get with the program man. Admit it…Some people are just more important than others including yourself, and seeing them at regular places at times CAN be incredible! Regardless if you want to admit it or not.

      • Allen Christian

        It’d be kinda cool for a fan to snag this shot, sure. But a player who sees the man all the time taking the pic is far from “incredible”. So they went to Arby’s. Who cares? It’s a neat little candid, but not anywhere near anything resembling “incredible”.

  • Shang_Tsung

    He is no doubt the coolest coach in the SEC!!

  • shiftdnb

    My second favorite team after Florida is South Carolina because of that man right there.

  • DaleC

    Bear and Dye having a drink in front of the fireplace at a hunting club.