Oussama Mellouli. Mandatory Photo Credit: Adam P. Scott, USA Today Sports

Oussama Mellouli Sets Swimming Record in Barcelona; Haley Anderson Wins Gold

With his victory in the open water 5-kilometer race in Barcelona on Saturday, Oussama Mellouli became the first swimmer ever to win Olympic gold medals and world championships in both pool and open water disciplines. The Tunisian swimming star completed the course in 53 minutes and 30.4 seconds. (That’s a lot of swimming.)

Mellouli spoke about his record accomplishment after the race (via Reuters): “I didn’t expect to win the 5km. I did take six months off and got back into training not too long ago. To be on top of the world is quite exciting for me.”

On the American side of things, Haley Anderson overcame her disappointing May performance at the US trials to win gold in Bacelona in the 5-kilometer open water race (via ESPNW):

I didn’t do well in the 10K so it was a pretty tough day. But I knew if wanted to make the worlds team I had to win the 5K. There really was no other option. I had to put that race out of mind and just win the 5K. I went for it in that 5K to make the team and I’ve been focused on this 5K ever since then.


Not every race goes well. You have to learn from your mistakes. So I knew coming in here what I needed to do and that was to be in front from the beginning.

Anderson won the silver medal at the 2012 London Olympics in the 10-kilometer race.

[Sources: Reuters/ESPNW]



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