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Skydiver crashes into baseball player (Video)

Being an athlete is what so many dream about as they grow up, but you would never prepare yourself for what happened to Hannibal Cavemen starting short stop Mattingly Romanin in Missouri. During the pre-game ceremony, Romanin was warming up before he was taken out by a skydiver that was coming in for a hot landing.

The skydiver immediately got up to his feet to check on Romanin, who was laying and rolling around on the ground in obvious pain.

He eventually made his way back to his feet, but the damage was already done and he was left with only the memory of being drop kicked by a man falling out of the sky. It’s hard to imagine he will forget this moment anytime soon.

Romanin and his teammates joked about the incident on Twitter the day after he was taken down by the skydiver:




[H/T: Deadspin]

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